When I use Opentalk, most people ask me about my social media handles. But being honest ever since I started using Opentalk most of the time I spend is using my cell phone for using this app so for me there is no point on having more friends on my social media accounts as I am not as active as before.

However when I first started using Opentalk I was not aware of the reconnect option, so I gave my social media to some people, and you know what that is such a shame because we don’t talk anymore, maybe because texting is not as fun as telling, at least not for me. So I decided not to share my social media information anymore.

I did not want to end up with a massive list of friends that I don’t even talk to, and that was until the day I spoke to a friend from South Africa, he was really into the app and the features this app has to offer.

So all we did during 20 minutes was talking about the fun he is having by being an Opentalker, and then since I had to go. I needed to run some errands, so I told him that was a pleasure and that I wished there was a way for us to talk thru the app and that is when I received the great news. He explained to me, and we had to extend the call because I had so many questions about this feature!

So if you ask me what is the best about that? The part where there is no place for harassment as if you send the request to someone you’ll have to wait for them to call you! I hope you guys enjoy this feature as much as I do.