Opentalk Stories

“I found Opentalk when searching for practicing English on Google Play store. I had wanted to join a company in my core field of engineering. However, I was rejected in 3 interviews because of bad communication and inability to speak fluent English. Due to poor English, I could not get a job after finishing my engineering degree.

Finally, After a lot of applying through job site, I secured a job with a local call center (only Indian clients). I was happy to pick it up also as here they will train me for two months on communication skills. Now, I am undergoing my training with the call center, but I have to put in a lot more effort from my side to become a fluent communicator.

That’s when I searched on Google. However, nothing relevant showed up. So I decided to try my luck on play store and found Opentalk. I spend 1 to 2 hours every day talking to people in English about their life and my life. I have found interesting people and learned new things from them. I like Opentalk and continue to use it regularly!”

– Opentalk User, India.