With Social media you never know whether it is safe or not, if you see the news there are lots of bad things happening to people because of irresponsible social media usage. So What you think is not safe to talk to people you don’t know, and most of the people only accept the request of people they know.

When I first heard about Opentalk I was a little concerned, so I started to read about the app on their website and something I found in there got my attention “We are creating an open network (no network) where people can talk to anybody openly (without bias)” what is the meaning of this? How come can Opentalk be a network but at the same time not?

I was full of questions, so I decided to start using the app, I told myself, ‘ok this is the only way I can know and figure out the meaning of what I saw on the website,’ and during my first calls I always asked my Opentalk friends about it, I was still asking them if they feel safe and you know what? They all said YES! And they have valid reasons the most popular were:

  1. The only information about yourself they see on your “Profile” is about languages, education and what you like and that is if you added that info.

  2. Reconnect: My favorite feature of this app and KUDOS for the guy or girl who had this fantastic idea, this feature is that well designed that there is no space for harassment or any of that

  3. You are talking to students, right? They don’t have time to waste so believe me if they are using this app it is because they are taking something useful from it and with that I mean they are learning a lot.

To finish I would like to answer the question “is it safe” and it is a YES!

-Yindy Marquez, Philippines