The very idea of talking to strangers gives us chills, but sometimes that is exactly what we need at that moment. People will say I can always speak to myself- but the question is- for how long? Humans are social animals, and they are meant to talk to speak to each other.

Where exactly do we go wrong while talking to strangers? For the fact that science also tells us that our favourite subject to discuss is ourselves. People spend 60% of their conversations talking about themselves, 80% when chatting on social media. The reason, researchers found, was that it just feels right. So much so that Harvard psychologists discovered that individuals were willing to give up money for the opportunity to disclose information about themselves. That hampers having an actual conversation.

The ideal communication should be a total give and take, with each person speaking about 50% of the time. That means staying quiet half the time, a terrible, but influential, tool for business. As Peter Bregman notes in Harvard Business Review :

The very idea of talking to strangers makes us happy because they only have information we want to give them about us and it is totally in our hands how much we want to share. We can talk about our problems without fear of getting judged and get an unbiased solution out of it.

Despite being a social animal we are who enjoys social gathering, we don’t reach out to people for conversation because we are scared that they are not interested in a discussion which is not the case. With so many individuals who find talking to strangers engaging, there are a lot of people who prefer living in their private space and not stepping out of it. Which makes sense at times but imagine sharing a long flight with someone or a long wait at the airport or sitting alone at the bus stop? How far will you go?