User testing is a great way to gather crucial data for your website or app. An argument can easily be dismissed but user testing gives you proper facts that cannot be denied easily. Gathering an individual’s perspective being an app developer is something every professional will look forward.

Spending over a decade as a professional app developer for a reputed company after completing my from one of the most prestigious institution in Mumbai, I started my own venture keeping young students in mind. My prime objective was to set up a student-friendly app where they can learn updated and professional courses like AI, Maya, Analytics, Cloud computing and what not. The app was designed not just for professionals but for a basic learner too who wants to learn more about latest tech and updates. The key to engage normal students towards app is to make it as simple and informatically precise as much I can.

After much hard work and regular testing, I managed to create an app which has levels in each course for Beginners to Professionals through which they can match up with the course as per their level. The only glitch came into the frame when I found myself stuck in a situation where user testing was a major issue my app faced. Because of this, I was unable to gather the much-needed data which every developer needs utmost.

Ironically, gathering user data and student’s feedback for my app was made possible by yet another app on which I accidentally signed up while scrolling through the famous apps made for students. I found a lot of student users on Opentalk app whose user interface was exactly what I was looking for. After filling some basic requirements and based on options provided to Opentalk, I checked into the Career section where most of my targeted users can be found. I made my first call which was directed to Abhishek who was a student of a reputed Science college. He was keen on learning new tech softwares for his career growth and readily agreed to use my app.

He liked the app a lot and created a group on Opentalk itself for more students like him, which gave me a huge user testing and student’s feedback on the app. After few modifications on their recommendations, I was quite satisfied with the output and managed to get a very heartwarming response from the students.

As a developer, not just my app, Opentalk is one such app I would have loved to create. Interacting with complete strangers on the basis of your likes, interests and learning skills, Opentalk provides a platform to many individuals who can evolve their own usecase based on the leverages provided by the app.

And it is really simple to use. You can add your favourite people in “My Chat Circle” feature where you can reconnect with them Isn’t that’s awesome. I would really recommend this app to other app developers in my contacts.