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English : Conversational
Spanish : Beginner
Turkish : Native


Marmara University
Istanbul, Turkey
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Bachelor’s degree
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My Opinions

  • Do you enjoy writing, reciting or listening to poetry? If yes, do share your favourite lines.
    Listen opinionabout a year ago
    My favorite poem is the Sick Rose by William Blake. O Rose thou art sick. The invisible worm, That flies in the night In the howling storm: Has found out thy bed Of crimson joy: And his dark secret love Does thy life destroy.
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  • If you are looking to improve communication skills in English or any other language, why are you looking to improve?
    Listen opinionabout a year ago
    I want to improve my English because of the job opportunities Because every company wants who can speak really good English and another language. so I have to improve my English.
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  • Should people invest in cryptocurrencies?
    Listen opinionabout a year ago
    In my opinion, it's good to invest something when it's really little and growing but cryptocurrency's already bigger now and that’s why If you want to invest. If will not be going to rise. it's not safe to invest your money because of this
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  • Which is your favourite online TV channel - Amazon, Youtube, Netflix or any other?
    Listen opinionabout a year ago
    My favorite is Netflix. Probably I watched every content in this portal
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  • Share your main reason for using Opentalk. We will work on making it better.
    Listen opinionabout a year ago
    My speaking is really awful. That's why my friend told me about this application. I want to practice my language. That's why I'm here.
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  • Which one do you prefer - passively sitting and consuming good content or actively playing an eye straining game?
    Listen opinionabout a year ago
    I prefer to watch something on Netflix. And also I'd like to play a game. I'm a gamer and watcher
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  • Share your favourite book with Opentalk community and why its a favourite?
    Listen opinionabout a year ago
    My favorite book is Notes from Underground by Dostoyevski. I love this author not because of the you know he is a classical but it's not about this. I read this book and I found myself in it. It's about a man who hates himself. It was really good and there's also a movie about it in Turkey that inspired by this book. It was really good too
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