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hi guys, you are listening to Jitendra Kumar on this app I'm here to present. My communication skills with you. Also I am here to explore and learn different different type of communications skills and knowledge about the different type of cultures. And every person is unique. So I am to learn from the every person the think who has learnt in still at so anyone can call me andhe Sahab Definitely I'll call you later. Thank you good bye. Take care.

I speak

English : Fluent
Hindi : Native
Pashto : Beginner


Lucknow, India
Branch :
Electronics and Communication Engineering
Studied :
Bachelor of Technology - BTech
Passing Year :

My Opinions

  • Say it 5 times as fast as you can (ofcourse accurately too!) - She sells sea shells by the sea shore.
    Listen opinion2 years ago
    she sells seashells by the seashore
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  • Is Modi wave still going strong?
    Listen opinion2 years ago
    I am not agree with Modi will be continue Modi has not done which kind of work that's why Modi will be counted what was happen in why was the Modi silent about Nirbhaya kand why is Modi silent about the field what happened about demonetisation many more thing is not you fever with Modi nowadays also a hot topic is Modi ask for money to RBI 3.2 lakh crore rupees and it is not agree with him
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  • Do motivation quotes really work? Share the one which motivates you.
    Listen opinion2 years ago
    if you talk about the motivational quotes its work anyone can listen you know anyone can listening reading with carefully and with want to something by the motivation quotes couldn't walk otherwise we cannot say anything can I know anything or anyone person good can work if you want it work Army so it is work otherwise anything can not work on us thank you
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  • Is Chetan Bhagat an unnecessary target of the MeToo movement?
    Listen opinion2 years ago
    me too it a good thing for the women awareness for safety for the women if we accuse anyone to Chetan Bhagat maybe I think maybe is not necessary and there is a action for the Chetan Bhagat not maybe action perfectly first one thing the government or the organisation who is the appointing for the me too so investigate the right think me too for me too for the chicken nugget is right or wrong is a necessary for the Chetan Bhagat or necessary after that we can take any action on the Chetan Bhagat fine thank you
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