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Level 11
Hi everyone. My name is photos and yeah me pyrolysis perontelli Voca me borrow less anglet rabona guy meal Ernest Miller. Mr. Francis Francis. The info said Mia Franza Nathan. Rabona me Corners just multi-port. Oh boy. Yeah, that's it. Like if you want to talk with me. Okay, that's great. If you don't want that will be so sad. I really love to talk with people. So I will be happy if you just want to talk with me and get to know me and I we got I love to talk with people and got to know a lot of bout them and all of that cell. Send me a call request if you want or I will send to you if you want.

I speak

Arabic : Native
English ,
Esperanto : Beginner
French : Beginner

My Opinions

  • Do you enjoy writing, reciting or listening to poetry? If yes, do share your favourite lines.
    Listen opinion10 months ago
    This poetry is really my thing is by wh Auden it's cold in Europe to us. So he was my North my South my east and west by working week and my son depressed my noon my midnight my talk my song. I thought that love would last forever. I was wrong. The stars are not won't kick now put out everyone pick up the moon and dismantled the Sun for away the ocean and sweep up the word for nothing now can ever come to any good. I think this is the song. I remember every day because my mother when she died like I thought it was like anything was read hot for me, but when I listen to this this portrait already Lee you realize like I will be with her soon self. Yeah.
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  • Are you the next Rap Sensation? Compete with the best here on Opentalk!
    Listen opinion10 months ago
    How do I run so I'm not interested because I'm not doing it, but it's just fun. Like I listen to a lot of people so I want to do my thing right now. And describe the time never going to let you go and who is Michael Jackson? Michael Jackson? Michael Jackson, we all Michael Jackson, I guess what I'm asking is everybody down the head for a second. No delay for seconds. Now, let the air out grab the handle somebody care about you can hear my message Michael Fisher somebody turn off after I see the moonwalk. I guess the young throat just asking like he talks to me like it's an excuse to carry on the Legacy.
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