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Hello, everyone. This is gabbar. I love making friends talking to them. it is fun to talk with some interesting people learning interesting thing learning about their Homeland and all other things. I'm looking forward to meet interesting people through this aap. initially i installed to improve my english and later on. I'm enjoying talking to people

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  • Should India legalise medical & recreational use of Marijuana? (Uday Chopra says yes!)
    Listen opinion2 years ago
    Once again ski mode everyone for it was really beautiful used to calm you down but only 10 15 20 years later people started dying with them, please to be more R&D done about marijuana smoking. It releases stress and it's good for medical business joint pains helps you like when you smoke with somebody, you know, you can just be the best friend, you know how to shoot comes out right? Then. What are the names that we call it my own?
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  • Rahul says he is ready to be PM if allies back him. Would you support RG as our PM?
    Listen opinion2 years ago
    Hello, everyone round Gandhi for p.m. Definitely is not going to be p.m. In 2014 because Bishop would manage to get some how they will form the government and what I believe that they would not alarm. I believe that they would not get the same majority or they got in 2014, but they were definitely they will somehow by hook or crook they would manage to form the government. And actually there is a scarcity of leadership in leadership in congress as well as we don't find any other leader as compared to men mode. So definitely is the best content Contender. So if you don't like their certain six and people who don't try to hold on there certain section of people who don't even like rain anything will do so what we should do. We don't have the presidential form of government where we would the president directly but we indirectly we vote the MLA on PR interval local consistency. So what we should do we should go and see what type of work they have done. We should word according to that that is what the real democracy is and we should at least you should actually do that. It's not that big a piece doing good great at ascent and not here. There's an at me.
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  • Is 'Thugs Of Hindustan' a copy of popular 'Pirates of Carribean'?
    Listen opinion2 years ago
    Hi everyone. Let us understand why a movie is made movies made for the sole purpose of entertainment and for some obviously it's a source of income but the sole purpose of is that it is an entertainment. There is a difference between copying a movie and coughing the idea and what it is here. Is it like copying the idea when you copy a certain idea and bring it to your house and then you modify according to your viewers have according to the cultural phenomenon according to the situation that Indians have and you are successful and entertaining the viewership of your movie and that is I don't think there is a problem when you copy the whole concept and the everything is same then you can say that it's a copied but when you when we copy the idea and make it according to your viewers and then it's fine and we cannot say that it's a full copy then we have not seen a particular movie. So we should keep our finger cross. You know, it kind of is known for his Entertainment movie so we can wait and watch what actually it is. So that is what I have.
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  • Sushma Swaraj ups the rhetoric against Pakistan at UNGA. Is it a build up to elections?
    Listen opinion2 years ago
    Does massage of the rhetoric against Pakistan at you NGA is it is it build up to election? Of course, it has both the sides so that let us talk about one side. First side is that is motorized whatever she spoke at UNG was actually true and Pakistan have the habit of doing if that thing and any of the government that has for the newly formed government was actually ready for a peace talk but at the other hand they were killing of the soldiers and they are supporting their supporting the terrorist group and they have been doing that and it's a habit like that to do every time to want to form one side. They want to show the world and although that you want to based off what other side we are killing our soldier. So it's also swaraj two major extensive goes right but we cannot deny the fact that it can be a build up to election. And of course one of the party has always been doing the national nationalism resume to influence the vote. And so we cannot deny both of the thing. But if that actually is massage, right whatever Pakistan has to be said, but the other side is also right
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  • Is hosting massive sporting events - Olympics/AsianGames a good investment for India?
    Listen opinion2 years ago
    No doubt, it would be a great opportunity for India to be posting such a big events. But let us let us see the reality not always the ideal environment for India is actually in English actually not a financial stable enough to host the Olympic Games at the time India. Although projected to be the most populous nation within the next decade is not financially stable enough to boost our Olympic game and spite of growing amount of affluent citizens the majority of Indian citizens still Livin condition that most western would find a dog Nimble. It is therefore not logical for India to host Olympic and saves the country and embarrassment the Commonwealth Games hosted in India where such a huge disappointed and brought shame to the Indonesia because of poor infrastructure and multi-million dollar scam. Let's not get too ahead of ourselves yet. Let's take one step at a stuff not to be overly ambitious. Your the money would be can be spent anywhere else. So I don't think that it's a feasible now after some times when everything is stable India gained horse and it would always have proud.
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  • Will Idli, dosa outlive pizzas & burgers? (Mr. Vice President agrees)
    Listen opinion2 years ago
    Hello, everyone. No doubt Indian foods. Like Italy pizza have been there in India for so many time. And I don't think that it has any comparison with all other things but actually the issue is precisely not with the food items. However, it is the way MNC fast food chains have been marketed and targeted in India. Also, it is more about how choices preferences and mentality of people actually people are clearly moving toward a more globalized approach rather than going to someone something that is local and not standards. So it is a good idea grows various region of India. No matter how tasty it is like dominoes McDonald's Pizza Hut KFC. These are all the things selling all these things like pizza and burger because they are easily available at arm's length to the consumer and good quality can be marketed as packet delivery food item for complete family could delivery of this item make this more a reachable, but we should not forget the some of the really local brand like a nomination Jammu Ki Jai mooji mooking Cartesian and kalispera without it has really made good business. So it has no comparison.
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  • Can Shraddha Kapoor do justice to Saina Nehwal’s lifestory?
    Listen opinion2 years ago
    How do we cannot say without seeing the movie that who is good or bad without seeing the movie or like how the story have been built up so I can say that actually I would have loved to have a pretty soon and that role because he has a great height and okay, but okay as he is done and really the first look of the Kapoor of badminton Champion, San Antonio ball is out and out and in the photos are the Cubs at the seem to be in a state of high energy as the channel's the Sportsman the episode The look from the sinus by big on Instagram handle and Camp gaps and be sad sign of the actor has been reportedly been preparing really hard to get the character just right and has been training for several months. So it seems that she has been really working hard and she have already clocked 40 classes of badminton in the preparation of by Pig. It's mean that's Radha has really put up great energy and effort to make that movie and we hope that movie comes out really good as she has done a lot of hard work. So best of luck for the new movie for Force Rebecca poor. That's
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  • Is Ranveer the best choice to play Kapil Dev in Kabir Khan’s 83?
    Listen opinion2 years ago
    Middleton missing is a great actor and without seeing the movie. We cannot say that he is fit or not. And as we can see that he has given good movies to the Bollywood so we can expect him doing a great job in that movie sir. And this thing will be seen as saying the role of cricketer and former Indian team captain couple days in Kabir Khan and coming Cricket Drama title 83 based on India's win against the West Indies in 1983 apart from this character casting for other main rule is still underway. So there is a news that nawazuddin Siddiqui might play as the coach of the winning team. So yeah, it would be great to see both of the great actor working in same movie and some report is also said the film suiting would be commenced later in the year and would release in august 19, but that is not going to happen. So they have they have come up with new release date bait that is 10th April twenty twenty so still we have to wait for more than one year to see them working. So definitely if two of them are great pair and they're perfect.
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  • Why no Bollywood biggies has come forward and taken a stand on the issue?
    Listen opinion2 years ago
    It's not new that Bollywood actors is not taking a stand now. It has been always been that Bollywood actors don't take stand but things are changing as earlier. It was nobody coming in support of in Bourbon. Now, we can see lot of people coming and support like for another Sonic the tweeted in support of Tennessee that again Priyanka Chopra of Chopra also Twitter and then Twinkle Khanna is also treating in support of and soon on keahu chassis also been tweeting and Richard disease see as also tweeted in support of support of also in support of Tennessee that the and sort of asked her she has also she has been also supporting a so him so there are people that have came into and they are supporting some of them. So let us not say that Bollywood is not supporting there are many actors began began few that are supporting. So yeah, this is what I have to say Okay the by
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  • RBI prohibited banks from dealing with cryptocurrency companies. Is this the end of cyptocurrencies in India?
    Listen opinion2 years ago
    Yeah, don't mind husband Bitcoin in India. But Bitcoin was all Bitcoin was one of the cryptocurrency that was introduced as a solution against the current problem and established economy faces such as inflation and scalability and income gap, etc. Etc. But the main main the main argument that they are giving is cryptocurrencies are very difficult to control legally and people might story tunnel as an uncounted as that, but I think that cryptocurrency fundamentally provide anonymity but in a country like India where large sum of people use platform like z p and Q Khan that offer you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies through rupees and to do so a customer has to register and provide their ideas such as our card and timecard doing this allow the platform to keep a record of all the transaction of customer as an authority RBI and other financial institutions in check this record any time they want so in my eyes, it isn't to ban cryptocurrency training in India seems like a decent taken under the hazy understanding of it. So some of the ngos have filed against that are the ideation. So let us
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  • Will ads on WhatsApp bother you about data privacy and lower your use of it?
    Listen opinion2 years ago
    Yeah, I'd soon what's up dude disturb me a bit, but I'm not going to stop using Whatsapp because one of the most popular and everybody is using it so I cannot opt out immediately. I can I can work order and Facebook and WhatsApp promises. No, third party banner ads would appear in the services and and the present this as the change they could among other thing if they improved and targeting in Facebook, but they also indicate that they will explore marketing messaging saying messages you can receive containing marketing could include an offer something you might interest you. So that is how they were going to Market you and I hate to think of my words words of experience bothered by add messages, but I guess now that it's clear why what's up and drop their $1 your subscription fee in January. When you aren't going paying the product then you know that they would learn something from somewhere. So the ad is there so if you are looking for something less marketing, then you can go for another platform like WhatsApp another so this is what I have.
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  • 50 million accounts 'attacked'! Is it the gradual end of Facebook?
    Listen opinion2 years ago
    Facebook database has always been a matter of concern and it was as you know that in 2015 this conditionality car. They use such a law a huge amount of data that is almost 15 million Facebook profile for a research for influencing the voters in USA. So that the matter of concern if Mark Zuckerberg would not come out with a concrete step to stop all this and definitely ultimately Facebook would gradually died and another and it sector things changes and obviously on the platform like Facebook may come and it would be a great rival to the Facebook giant social media giant. So either they have to come up with a concrete step or other they will have to ultimately died and people have started using an recently. There was a campaign and that everybody stop using Facebook that they start to do not using Facebook. So obviously it's a matter of concern and we should also be aware of using all these things and recently Natsu cover also them that the phone numbers that have been provided by using illegally, so we should be aware what you are putting on Facebook and Matsu covered have to really work on this that is
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  • Have you ever created a story on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp or Skype?
    Listen opinion2 years ago
    So yes, Google has also launched at stories after Instagram Facebook and WhatsApp. So it's now Google terms restore to launch the story. So Google says that it will first begin with stories about public figures like celebrities and sports Personality in the stories people may get information about them through stories, which will include facts and important moment about their lives. Additionally this format will also let user tap on articles about this figure. So Google will use artificial intelligence to create the stories and help them to show up in the search engine. So these are the thing that and stories of future which was you know to Snapchat till now so everybody adopted so Google also adopted so the so now the if their stories will have the it's not clear that story would appear on desktop as well, but it is on the app now so stop so it might change the name of Google feed you discover. So it has it has it has already introduced multilingual. So everybody in their country in their own language can enjoy this feature. So it's really a good
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  • What is your verdict on validity of mandatory linking of Aadhaar card?
    Listen opinion2 years ago
    Already, the Supreme Court ruling has came and it says that there are certain things that I would like to mention that what what other Supreme Court has sealed. The Supreme Court has said the private firm cannot insist on your other information. So cell phone companies cannot secure. Aadhaar number your bank account does not have to be linked to your Authority School cannot seek your child's other details including for admissions and others should be linked to your pan information for filling of your tag tax return. So these are the thing that we can understand of today's ruling though. So so the Supreme Court has said that the other scheme which collects biometric data from every citizen and assign a national identity to card to them does not violate the right to privacy and constitutional valid the government which has been arguing for the mandatory use of Allah for all major transaction decided that were the Privacy fundamental right but with reasonable restriction after today's verdict. So this weather thing that the Supreme Court has to say so now you now, you know, what is the validity of other Cuts? Okay. Have a great day.
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  • Modi govt. built 9 airports per year as compared to 65 in previous 67 years. Is it a good measure of infra development in the country?
    Listen opinion2 years ago
    Actually the data given the Modi government is not actually correct that is that is not the actual data that he has given me that is that is not correct late. Let me give you the actual data. So as many as 125 are were airport was owned by NF Ln authority of India and Adam the end of the March 31 2014. The aviation Ministry annual reports was that it was 94 were operational including 29 civil and clips and 31 non-operational. So this indicates that seven airport were made operational over the four years ending 2018 and pack Young Airport was actually approved in 2008. So he is taking the credit of somebody which was already has the prover has been made in 2008 during the UPA period so how can you say that what 83% of the work was completed in 2014 of this pecking airport that the government told in looks around 21 2014. So even this data is you're doing so that shows that how incorrect data you are feeding to the people. So start feeding such incorrect data to the people and stop immediately misleading if you are doing good work, it's all
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  • Do you agree with Rahul Gandhi when he says Modi is Chor?
    Listen opinion2 years ago
    So the topic is who's sure obviously it's if mode is true. Then everybody is richer the hunger me is also show both of the Congress and BJP other coin sides of the same coin. If you talk about Carson has a mini collection that even BJP has done II voted for BJP because I was Fed Up of the corruption from Congress. But later on I discovered that is the same with them. They have the operation Westland corruption Carly coughing scam carbon says miss you telecoms compromise. Mahajan was related with their Reliance lines around sorry and there was a servers Capital Town gasogene see allotments came there was there was a what to say Lance came in Rajasthan Bella remaining a Reddy Brothers, you know that the scheme Punjabi bribery case with Rock and hydropower scams and there was pretty landscape involving the Moon by BJP president and there was also a related a very high-profile case like nitin gadkari other scam flight owners by proxy it was made for the videos, but it was not it was not given to them then gas-based power plant in uttarakhand BJP leader involved. In fact face or both of the parties are actually scammed hit they root for
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  • Venom likes 'Mogambo Khush Hua!', which are your favourite movie dialogues?
    Listen opinion2 years ago
    Anthony Adam Payne petty officer Kaalia Castle what's good IP just about kusaka. Sebastian so now bhudev
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