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Hello everyone. My name is Shiishi Ali from Somalia. I leave the capital city of Somalia Mogadishu. Mr. Chills University. I'm studying medical doctor. Feel free to talk to me. I would love to talk to friends people from different countries. Thank you so much.

I speak

Arabic : Conversational
English : Fluent
Korean : Conversational
Somali : Native

My Opinions

  • Its World Kindness Day today! So have you been kind to somebody today?
    Listen opinion8 months ago
    kindness is the best way to treat yourself and others be kind.
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  • So are you a Tea, coffee or other drinks person? If coffee, then do enlighten us about your favourite flavour.
    Listen opinion9 months ago
    I love coffee coffee. Best one. I would love to drinking coffee everyday because I never get bored or sleepy. I can work long hours. That's why I lost it. And wish to everyone happy cappuccino day.
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  • Are you the next Rap Sensation? Compete with the best here on Opentalk!
    Listen opinion9 months ago
    you're the light you're the night you're the colour of my blood with your hero baby you're the only thing I wanna touch never knew that I could feel so much I don't care because I wanna be so high follow me to the tag let me take your past life you can say the world used for the life two live Love Me Like you do la la Love Me Like you do love me like you do la la Love Me Like you do Touch Me Like you do Tata Touch Me Like you do what you waiting for?
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