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English : Conversational


Cambridge Assessment English
Cambridge, United Kingdom
Branch :
Educational technology
Studied :
Associate's degree
Passing Year :
Cambridge Assessment English
Colombo, Sri Lanka
Branch :
Distance education
Studied :
Associate's degree
Passing Year :

My Opinions

  • Share your favourite book with Opentalk community and why its a favourite?
    Listen opinion7 months ago
    It already is open dog has its very good evening to you. Really? Good afternoon to buy a good morning to you. I must of the last connecting you from Sri Lanka and thank you very much for listening to my wife's opinion on the fact that the book I have read it. What is law of success among many others is what really helpful for me, but the book law of success by Napoleon Hill really impressed me because of its contents to change my personality changes to change my life really did it because of some knowledge to help change your life read this book out of success by Napoleon Hill in reproduction and those pants price.
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  • As Economist highlighted - are we seeing a rise of Charismatic Authoritarian Leaders in countries across the world?
    Listen opinion8 months ago
    Hi there. If I am to express my opinion on this matter charismatic authoritarian being a person ever individuals which have some Karisma within Gensets in the sense that they have developed and attitudes only an entire redirected you that means that there is a mindset and the mind that is the pillar of washerman to become a some person outgoing some person outgoing is always carrying a break then the Karisma with the name cells through the experiences to be a leader must have found the goods such qualities to terminate the society in the way to impress others and understand this pressure levels and the motivations of others to Pusa does not to work like a dictator. So that's my point of view about the Karisma is a good.
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  • Which one do you prefer - passively sitting and consuming good content or actively playing an eye straining game?
    Listen opinion8 months ago
    To my mind review a decision Gastly all and getting a nice training camp support carries the same type of negative impact hugely upon cast device on every individual must take a look at take some precautions when being sitting facility and getting a nice training games respectively have to follow some precautions and to do bought them at a moderate level sabine's eating causes an increase on I was so busy or we start to get on now SF moh, why do we keep fruit into the television screen now engaging in some visual entertainment like good eye strain against carry a huge impact two of us health risk drastically deteriorated. So that's it.
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  • Do you think it is ok for men to use cosmetics? How much?
    Listen opinion8 months ago
    Yeah from my point of view. I would like to see it for the men's to use in cosmetics either something in your life must especially for those who are outgoing reliable being with people. They have to relive do some grooming tails grooming self Boston some impression to other so when we really do you some pics is quite helpful for others to give us time to the word paucity inspiration and Impressions had to leave them with a good impressions of ourselves any further. So if we will do not use we can't really trust with some formal place in I tried to informal Customs. So is a Mustang I think in their lives, that's it.
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  • Share your main reason for using Opentalk. We will work on making it better.
    Listen opinion9 months ago
    Hello there, I'm Hasantha Dias joining you from sri lanka as an ESL speech coach and a motivator. I would warmly you from which part of the world motivator on this application. I was wondering will come you from which part of the world that you are joining me on this application. May I have you to share my ideas thoughts feelings in order to change the mindset of those who have learning the language for traditional way because it's quite important to change your mindset as the men among other pillars.The chance of safety is the basics that you how to deal with before. He starts to learn. If you have been learning the traditional way. It takes almost seven to nine years times, but if they come and do the right way, it doesn't take that long to find out more about six race means and methodologies to help you master a language skills. Join me on this applications. Bye. Bye for now.
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