Divyank Turakhia

Founder of Media.net, a leading global advertising company. Also a computer programmer, serial entrepreneur and investor.

Anand Daniel

Partner at Accel. Focus on investments in consumer technology, online marketplaces, & healthcare technology

When you reflect back on your three startups and you’ve incrementally built larger and larger companies, right? How do you how did you go about pickin...

Amit Kumar Agarwal

Founder at NoBroker.com, India's largest C2C real estate platform. Former Associate Director at ANZ Bank. Alumni of IIT Kanpur & IIM Ahmedabad.

Jai Aenugu

Creator of the podcast series 'Entrepreneurs India'. Currently working as a Managing Director at TheTechForce Ltd. An IT guy, entrepreneur & speaker.

Amit you were working for massive organizations before you work for you said 10 years for PWC. And then for Australia NewZealand bank as well. I'm sur...