Arpit Agarwal

Principal at Blume Ventures, former Co-founder and Director at HeadStart Network Foundation. He is based in Delhi and holds an MBA from IIT Bombay.

Jai Aenugu

Creator of the podcast series 'Entrepreneurs India'. Currently working as a Managing Director at TheTechForce Ltd. An IT guy, entrepreneur & speaker.

Take us through your personal story, my friend. So J at hard, I think I'm an entrepreneur. I always look at opportunities to make a difference to crea...

Meena Ganesh

CEO and MD at Portea Medical, India's largest and fastest growing home healthcare company.

Anand Daniel

Focus on investments in consumer technology, online marketplaces, and healthcare technology

Well everything about Meena that we can't normally read about and learn because there's so much written about you as well. Well, I grew up I think acr...