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  • Why would somebody want to travel to Moon? would you want to?
    Listen opinionabout a year ago
    Yes, I want to go to a new moon. It's really amazing experience of my life. I will go to Moon. I know he's a very lucky that kind of people started going to the moon. It's amazing experience. I think.
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  • Should India be cautious of Bangladesh as they look to bounce back after yesterday's defeat
    Listen opinionabout a year ago
    We hope you will enjoy the match between India and Bangladesh, but we cannot say India have any question from the Bangladesh. Just what we can help India Bangladesh will play well. So in double also get the opportunity to do the best practice in the match and audience can also enjoy the match if funguses will be playing good as Afghanistan played yesterday. So then we can we can say it will be an interesting match.
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  • Should India legalise medical & recreational use of Marijuana? (Uday Chopra says yes!)
    Listen opinionabout a year ago
    Yes, completely agree with him. Definitely we can give a try to this to create a variable medicines with the using of marijuana and it can be better than think and all.
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