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Hi everyone. My name is Yener. I am from Turkey. I am 37 years old. I am married and I have two children and my native language is a Turkish and I can help anyone who wants to learn Turkish, and I want to improve my English speaking skills as well. I want to talk to anyone who wants to improve their English speaking skills. Thanks a lot to visit my profile and listen to this record. See you later and take care.

I speak

Arabic : Beginner
English : Conversational
Turkish : Native


Kocaeli Üniversitesi
Kocaeli, Turkey
Branch :
Electrical Engineering
Studied :
Associate's degree
Passing Year :

My Opinions

  • So are you a Tea, coffee or other drinks person? If coffee, then do enlighten us about your favourite flavour.
    Listen opinion6 months ago
    Surely we are Turkish coffee lowers. Turkish coffee is the most famous hot drinks in our country and it has been a part of our culture since 16 century. And also we have an idiom about it. A cup of coffee has 40 years of sake.
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  • World Bank pledges US$200b for climate action. Is this enough?
    Listen opinion6 months ago
    The amount of money does not make any big change about to problem unless the leader of the developed countries accept the problem seriously. But this money could be used to develop more attention about issue around the world and so rules of the big companies and developed countries and their counterparts forced by all of us to take the necessary precautions to diminish the effects of the problem and then maybe our next generation is able to take major steps and save the our planet or else everything living on it would be vanished with it together.
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