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Hi everyone. My name is Inder Panda I am from Uttarakhand India and currently I am pursuing BCom Hons and my hobby is to read novels watching movies listening music and playing cricket. Thank you.

I speak

English : Fluent
Hindi : Native


Dehradun, India
Branch :
Studied :
Bachelor of Commerce - BCom
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My Opinions

  • Share your main reason for using Opentalk. We will work on making it better.
    Listen opinion2 months ago
    Hey, we want my main reason for using opentok is to be improving my communication skills, especially in English as well as in every job sector English communication is very necessary nowadays in India and without English communication. We are not able to get good opportunities in jobs and also communicating to other people make rasam, make me some confidence while talking to them and it is very good to listen their stories and tell your stories how your days are going on what they are doing and get to know about them and get some experience which they have they have experience in their life that so
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  • Which party will form the govt. in 2019?
    Listen opinion2 months ago
    Hello everyone. I think that BJP your NDA lines will be forming this government 2019 as if I talk about from last 4 to 5 years is running everywhere he is doing a great work and as he had done as have launched many schemes Life OK Bharat Abhiyan and money scheme for the poor health health region and coming of GST demonetisation in my locality is also every my neighbours they say that BJP will one one more time will form the government and I also think that they really need one more chance for doing a great work for India
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  • Is fast food healthy or unhealthy? Are you a fan of fast food? Which one is your favourite? share your opinions!
    Listen opinion7 months ago
    Yes, I didn't dude crossword is unhealthy as we can see in the case of megeve. It was banned for 1 year and while eating the fast food like pizza burger show me Momo. It causes so many problems like increasing or obesity and many other problem, which is very unhealthy for our body.
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  • If you are looking to improve communication skills in English or any other language, why are you looking to improve?
    Listen opinion5 months ago
    Hello everyone. I am improving English because first leap for a good job opportunities as it is in India the more chances for getting job is you have to be fluent in English secondly English is becoming the mother tongue of the country as if if you are travelling to some another place there, we can't talk their common language, but we can use English as English is a international language in every country every person knows English and if you are communicating with one another we should know English thank you.
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  • Do you think Hardik Pandya's comments were casual or bad for cricket?
    Listen opinion5 months ago
    Hello, everyone Hardik Pandya comment was very bad for treated as his representing donation and while going to Koffee with Karan so he have used Mini discusting and offensive words for women which is very shameful and we should respect everyone is special human as without women. We could not have been in this world. I also want to appreciate the decision decision for suspending Hardik pandya's for Australia student you
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  • CM yogi approves Ram Statue? Why are we spending money on building statues?
    Listen opinion6 months ago
    Making a statue of unity origami statue is racism money. Is the politicians that are playing in statuary statue not focusing on the main problem, which other countries facing the main problem is of unemployment rate Indian education system and pollution. The politicians are not focusing on this main problems to solve this problem. Thank you.
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  • Which is your favourite online TV channel - Amazon, Youtube, Netflix or any other?
    Listen opinion6 months ago
    hey everyone my online TV channel is YouTube ads in YouTube we can watch whatever video we wanted to watch and we can give our opinion by commenting on the video if I talk about the YouTube in YouTube there are various types of videos of different fields like news comedy Technology Book summaries Sports videos and studies videos all this type of videos we can learn many things and at last I want to thank the founder of YouTube step chain with colouring and chat Headley thank you
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  • Will India avenge the first T20 loss or the rain will play havoc again?
    Listen opinion7 months ago
    Yeah, I think they're green. Will you play homework again? Thank you.
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  • Is Data more valuable than Money in Today's World?
    Listen opinion7 months ago
    your data is more valuable than money in today's world as we can see that in money apps like Google Map Facebook WhatsApp and Instagram is the uses of data and they give to the shopping site like Amazon Facebook and wild the data used by the Amazon the search history which you have searched and which pages we have life according to date they give the advertisement in their periods and divided we buy the product if data is more useful collecting data and they earn money
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  • Should people invest in cryptocurrencies?
    Listen opinion7 months ago
    I don't think that we should invest in cryptocurrencies as if you talk about the Bitcoins and if you are investing in that and if any miss happening live fraudulent is happened and or money can be gone and in this cryptocurrency there is no security level and if we do complaint then no one will be helping us and if you see in Bitcoin that in last year to increase the rate of Bitcoin was increases highly but now if we see the rate of the Bitcoin is very low so I don't think that we should invest in Crypto
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  • What are your expectations from Robo 2.0?
    Listen opinion7 months ago
    as Robo 2.0 is releasing tomorrow and I think that Akshay Kumar for the first time he is doing a negative role in Tamil movie and the character we are seeing is so fabulous and the costume he is wearing is so much attractive and talking about the superstar Rajinikanth as he is the superstar of Tamil and we have a lot of high expectations from him as I have seen his last movies like Sivaji the boss and Linga Sohail done many has given many blockbuster movies and we are hoping that 2.0 will also give also will be a blockbuster movie thank you
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  • Air pollution worst in the world, beats China. Are we talking enough corrective measures?
    Listen opinion7 months ago
    I don't think that taking corrective measures as you can see in New Delhi. The population rate is increasing day-by-day as it has been increasing from last two to three years back and playing politics are not taking it seriously.
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  • Airtel stays away from 5G spectrum sale. Is it high prices, low profitability or no market?
    Listen opinion7 months ago
    Airtel is staying away from 50 because the reason behind that is as in 5G sale it is used Ultra wireless Technology like driverless car and in India we can see that it is impossible right now we are almost 3 to 4 years back so the deal which Airtel staying away from 5G is good as it is of high cost and it is now it is not very efficient for India
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  • Are Bullet trains really needed in India?
    Listen opinion8 months ago
    I don't think that India need bullet train because India is most population country and in India when the bullet train will come the prices of the bullet train will be high as we can see that in our India the most of our population is from rural areas they are from middle classes Or Poor classes so in India their needs more train more platform IMO railway track not the bullet train
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  • Did government's inaction to make the Ganga pollution free killed an activist?
    Listen opinion9 months ago
    Yes, I think they're going to go pollution killed and activists as we considered. The activists was there for very long time around 3 months and he was IOU jeans and a professor day and we conceded for the jungle switch Champion around 2002 and the government did not do anything about it.
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  • How would you enjoy a day if there was no Internet for a day? (star gazing maybe!)
    Listen opinion9 months ago
    yeah I will be love it when the global internet will be shut down as we are the 90s kid and earlier when the we were not having any phone we used to do many stops like playing outside and reading books novels cooking gardening and many other things
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  • Fitter and Stronger, should Yuvraj Singh be given a place in the World cup 2019 team?
    Listen opinion9 months ago
    I think that we should not give any chance to Yuvraj Singh as earlier when you're given some chance to Yuvraj Singh he did not perform very well and we should now look for the future also as we can see that pressure points vs year and many other young players are performed very well and they will also get some experience from them also after playing World Cup so there is no option for Yuvraj
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  • Given the dismal performance, is this even worth watching?
    Listen opinion9 months ago
    I don't think that West Indies will not perform. Well as every individual Patrice O Captain Virat Kohli as in Quran in respond to battered very well and border of India 06 Civic it also watching in India going to win this match.
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  • Biggest ever test win for India in a row! Is this the best Indian team on home turf?
    Listen opinion9 months ago
    Your India have made it great total of 350 plus length as debutante to pathology scored fabulous. 134 run with Virat Kohli scoring 74 run and kitty cerkupo had played also great know and I think that India will be surely winning this match as India has a great spinner and the pitch is very good for the Spinners also, so definitely India is going to win this.
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  • Is Modi wave still going strong?
    Listen opinion9 months ago
    Yeah, I think that Modi wave is also strong nowadays also because Modi is doing a great work for a country and he had also made many schemes for the poor section of the country and he also done that D monetization, which I think it was a great choice that was done and is doing ready.
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  • Do motivation quotes really work? Share the one which motivates you.
    Listen opinion9 months ago
    No, I don't think that motivation quotes work because whenever we listen, of course at that time only we get motivated, but after sometimes like after few five or ten minutes, we forget the all codes we are doing just to what we want to do. So motivation is really needed and we have to motivate it every time for our work. Thank you.
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  • Considering his run in domestic cricket, can Prithvi Shaw prove to be the next Kohli on WI tour?
    Listen opinion9 months ago
    Yeah, I think that what you saw as of potential to become overawed Coley as we can see the reading in the degree under 19 matches here done a very fabulous work, and he is been consistent every time as we can see that in his debut tend to match Internet G as well as in Delhi Trophy, and now in the Test match playing for the India. He has scored hundred and in an interview with Sachin Tendulkar, the Sachin Tendulkar had said that he has a bright future, so we should not underestimate it. Thanks.
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  • Will the Indian Spin duo Ashwin-Jadeja be the biggest challenge for West Indies in tests?
    Listen opinion9 months ago
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  • Did you make somebody smile today?
    Listen opinion9 months ago
    I don't think that I have is my someone today as I think that smile is very awesome. Whenever we smile. We have some positive attitudes and it's my spread some happiness and enjoyment around.
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  • Should cricketer's wives be allowed to stay for full duration of tours?
    Listen opinion9 months ago
    Yes, I think they could get a wife should be allowed for the full duration of the match. Because due to very busy schedule of the player. They are not able to meet them and they have very less time to meet one another as their wife also do some another profession so they gets very little time.
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  • A century, runout and first-ball wicket - is Jadeja the best allrounder in today's world cricket?
    Listen opinion9 months ago
    No, I don't think that ravindra. Jadeja is the best all-rounder. I think that the best all-rounder are and wrestle such evil has an end Rashid Khan as they are consistently performing very well for their teams as we can see that render. Jadeja doing come back after a long period of time so only watching a single match and saying that Jesus is the best law all-rounder is not good. Thank you.
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  • Can you pronounce this one of the longest word?
    Listen opinion9 months ago
    Yes, I can pronounce this word as hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia, and meaning of this word is fear of long words as we can see that it is a very long word and every one can pronounce it easily by dividing in many parts like hippo Porto moistures Esco to do ya phobia. Thank you.
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  • Share the funniest joke you have come across and can't stop laughing at!
    Listen opinion9 months ago
    Once there were three black frame and angel came to them and asked for three wishes. The first one said making handsome and the angel completed his the second one. Also Arch to making handsome the angel also completed his voice also and the third and last friend said, please make both of his friend blood and Angels also completed is with
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  • Has Opentalk made a difference in your life?
    Listen opinion9 months ago
    I don't think that open Talk head change the lives of people. I think that it is improving the lives of people as in this app, you can communicate to any person in the world and while communicating to others we improve our communication skills, and we have some confidence while talking to talking in some specific topic like women empowerment Indian education and many more and it also allows so many new features like this. We are we are discussing on a topic. So it is improving the communication skill of person
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