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Hi everyone. My name is Jeff calling me as yeah, actually, I'm 23 Talk with anyone discussing any matter and debating anything. I'm ready to willing to talk with anyone. So if you want to talk with me, just request me. I'm ready to talk with you. I think I'd helped people for improving English also. Thank you so much hearing me.

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University of Oxford
Oxford, United Kingdom
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Computer Science Engineering
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Bachelor’s degree
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  • Cancer takes life of 'Little Princess' Lebanese singer Elhan Fahd! Any favourites songs you like to share?
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    I don't think that cancer is only killing the little princess as per my opinion the cancer is killing Kansas doesn't killing it on the wrong medicinal formula is that killing human be because of the cancer is already having everyone is inside naturally by the immunity system it will be resolved and the body is acting against the cancer like mouth cancer is very common cancer in this day is untold shop cancer is not a disease but then now this is the medicine medical Institutions are made very major disease
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