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Hello everyone. This is Sassy from the Philippines. I'm using this application to improve my English to reach out people and tag speak out and I've been practicing English forever. You know, I know this Home Improvements, but I'm not satisfied with it. My cart level is intermediate. So I'm looking for an intermediate speaking partner where I can practice my English everyday. So if you are interested just drop me a message and I will just check it out if I've got a chance, so, that would be all have a good day, and I'm waiting for you here. Thanks.

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English : Conversational


Ateneo de Zamboanga
Zamboanga City, Philippines
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Educational leadership
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Bachelor’s degree
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    Hello guys, this is Gina Montes from the Philippines. I am using open talked mainly to practice my spoken English. So far open-top is one of the greatest platform that I came across and it is the best application wherein you can find friends talk to people and most of these people have good a command in English. You can also find hear a people from different countries not only for their specific area. So it is very helpful in my journey. So that is why I am so much I thankful for having this application.
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