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Level 2
Hello, I'm Alex. And I'm 26 years old. I'm here cuz I want to learn and I want to practice English. I want to improve my English level. So if you want to practice with me, just let me know. Send me a message and I'll reply you I understand that is difficult to speak as a native speaker that's what I'm looking for. I'm looking for a better pronunciation and I understand that is very difficult. But if you want to learn with me just send me a send me a message and if you don't know how to speak I mean if you start learning this language, I can help you out as well. So send me a message and don't be don't be afraid about speaking English because everyone is learning everyday. I learn you words, even I mean sometimes when I'm watching movies I don't understand some words and that's why I need help. And if you want somebody to help you as well. I'm going to be there.

I speak

Basque : Beginner
Catalan : Beginner
English : Fluent
Galecian : Beginner
Spanish : Native


Universidad de El Salvador
San Salvador, El Salvador
Branch :
International relations
Studied :
Bachelor’s degree
Passing Year :

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