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I wish you all a very very very happy New Year, and I hope the new year brings some real good things in your life and you get so much success. No, I should talk about this application. I have been on this application for a long time now, I guess I I guess I install application. I'm sorry in 2017 December and I enjoyed my time on this application. I got so many good people and had friendship with so many people's idea of introducing this application Legend. Thank you.

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Bengali : Native
English : Fluent
Hindi : Fluent


kolkata university
Kolkata, India
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Bachelor’s degree
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My Opinions

  • India team looked unbeatable! What caused yesterday's shocker?
    Listen opinion11 months ago
    Good evening everyone in the country. And yeah, just like every time he does the only Missing Link in the team I feel is Ms. Dhoni and he has been doing nothing with the bottom of the years and that has been troubling us on time. And again, he's staying in the theme just because the first thing we need a ice cream later. Okay, that's fine. But still you are playing at 5:06 and that means you're batting at an important position. So you have to deliver with the back more often than not he's not doing that, you know in the past we had so many legendary Cricket us who have to leave the game just like Tony has to do that right now, but he isn't doing
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  • Dhoni's removal from WI and AUS T20 teams, Is it the beginning of end for Dhoni or just focussing on ODI?
    Listen opinion11 months ago
    sofa have listen to almost a view of Indian Postal share and unlock the most of the people are agreeing with the selected that's good sign if you look at the performance of MS Dhoni over the ear how we can you can see that reason for the performing with the back I do in ODI and T20 ICC Surat to the have been dropped 2 years ago the sectors kind of a word him in the past we have seen so many good players Legend they have to return an answer 10 Dhoni rule should be same for everyone and I feel if we want to achieve something in 2019 world cup we should play pant is Dhoni and you will give us better chances compared with Dhoni
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  • Punjab CM says Rahul is the best candidate to be india’s PM. What do you think?
    Listen opinion11 months ago
    I have my own opinion on the shoe. Show me honestly roundin never looks like to close to your p.m. Candid. He's more of a joke, and I know all the people who is criticizing the world or not going to happen. Yeah. It happened that mothers use getting listen for this time.
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