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Hi there.. I'm sanjay an engineering graduate residing in Delhi and preparing for government examinations. Actually I'm shy kind of but yes this app helps me a lot. My communication skill was not that much good but in due course came to know it is working and I improved myself a lot... And yes I bet you.. If you will be continuous here soon you'll hv good command on English speaking and other languages as well....and here u hv a great opportunity to meet some good friends and explore the whole world while sitting in ur home.. I Wish u all the best and hv a great life.

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    FX I love her very good to learn English language and different language to and it is a privilege and I don't have a good quality 16 and if you talk about me, yes, cuz I was kind of and if you'd seen another sneeze while speaking in front of publicly for a prince in classroom in so many places, but after using I improve myself a lot and yes, I hope I suggest you are to have this app and improve communication skill and lapsed and I wish you all the best again. Have a nice day.
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