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Level 4
Hello everyone. Hi. This is the semester hair speaking from New Delhi will actually I'm new to this application down and that she have heard about this application anytime like this application is kinda quite nice for those who are a beginner and also for those who are already and native speaker. So I am I have come here to enhance my English and plan for some news language and also improve my communication skills survey. Let's see what will happen when I get to make call to get to receive calls. Even I have had like a people always like too many people calls and some of them like ask stupid questions. So better before you asking stupid question make soyabean you as well. So, let's see and enjoy your day. Thank you.

I speak

English : Native
Hindi : Native
Deccani : Beginner
Rajasthani : Beginner


Mumbai University
Mumbai, India
Branch :
Music therapy
Studied :
Master of Business Administration - MBA
Passing Year :

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