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Oh, hi, this is kartikesh pai. And I am radio jockey and write a n a student and a friend with you can chat with so basically I thought my sorry. I don't know why I am sounding like a South Indian betiya. So basically I stay in Mumbai and I love talking to people I love English song with everybody and just sharing my thoughts knowing their thoughts on having a wide perspective about everyone and everything. I write some time. I I do some regular stuff sometime I sleep a lot and I love to talk to people so if you are interested in talking to me, then you can just give up text anytime will have a chat and if you are not able to chat me only chat with me on this application. You can meet me on Instagram @ kartikeswar. I just that and all people over here are really beautiful. I love this app.

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English : Fluent
Hindi : Fluent
Marathi : Native


Mumbai University
Mumbai, India
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Mass media
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Bachelor’s degree
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