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Hello my friends. How are you? I am Dharmendra Kumar basically I am a student of graduation final year as well as am a teacher of English teaching English language in my tuition. So if you want to know something if you have any kind of questions related to English language, then you can ask me you can send me SMS and as well as if you wanna talk to me then you can Chat to me you can talk to me and definitely I am gonna reply you take care bye have a nice day may God give you every type of happiness Hume enjoy your life.

I speak

English : Fluent
Hindi : Native
Sanskrit : Fluent

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My Opinions

  • Which party will form the govt. in 2019?
    Listen opinion5 months ago
    Definitely Modi and BJP will win this election because Pappu doesn't have any kind of quality. So hardly a person who is as like a donkey table support Mr Rahul Gandhi and if they support Mr Rahul Gandhi then they may get stuck conduction Hoon Main as like Rahul Gandhi know that because we don't have any other choice only Modi can support India and because of Modi India is going further and as well as you know, there are so many benefits, you can see that nowadays. Our India is powerful country and we come after America Chin and when was France our number is 4 so definitely visible will win this election. Thank you all of you and give vote for BJP
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  • Should Rohingya immigrants be issued Aadhar cards? (Amit Shah disagrees)
    Listen opinion12 months ago
    Adhar card student we issued for them who are rohingya Muslims because first of all they are immigrant and second thing when they are coming in our India, they they are occupied in our land. They are killing Indian citizens and you know who are supporting them who are politics leader like a month of energy because they want to get back. They want to get both their and forgetting both bank. They are doing such kind of thing, which is very harmful for our India. You can see example a what was name means based Bungle in the west Mongol means a Muslim person who are immigrant. They have killed lots of Indian citizens, so we must not support them and B must not issued for them other card. Thank you.
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  • 50 million accounts 'attacked'! Is it the gradual end of Facebook?
    Listen opinion12 months ago
    Yes, it is a gradual indoor Facebook because 50 million account. Oh my God, is this a very big amount of accounts? Do you know what is mean of this means they can hack anything. We have our account like suppose. I have my own account on Facebook and I have many thing of me then people can hack my account. And after that they can take my photos my many thing and that thing is not good for all of us and it's mean it is a graceful end of Facebook ad me must restore them and you know nowadays what will happen people will start living Facebook. They will not use Facebook very well and it is a starting of Facebook. It is a starting of end of Facebook. Thank you.
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  • Can Shraddha Kapoor do justice to Saina Nehwal’s lifestory?
    Listen opinion12 months ago
    Yes, he can do just that is not a big matter and C is a good actress and easily see can do such kind of thing and we must not feel headache. It is my own opinion sometime. I failure. What can I say here, but we must try to say give our opinion and I am giving my opinion in my opinion. She can do it because in my point of view C is a good actress. Thank you.
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  • Will Idli, dosa outlive pizzas & burgers? (Mr. Vice President agrees)
    Listen opinion12 months ago
    40 40 all Arvin because in a fast food is a fast food and what will happen. If you are having fast food like Italy Burger anything that will go in your digestion system and it will digest to there and that will give you only energy and what is formula for all of this. First of all, that means mail mail is equal to in science is C6H12O6. Plus we take Oxon Hill Manor Ever Knows or 2 equal to co 2 plus H 2 O plus energy so he will get their energy. So everything is okay. Nothing is special. So for a foodie every is when thank you.
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  • Is hosting massive sporting events - Olympics/AsianGames a good investment for India?
    Listen opinion12 months ago
    Yes, it was good investment because it's an game was going on in this game. We talked about many matters, and it is a good and open Talk always provide us some good hot topics and upon that topics we can talk easily and we can improve our English and what do you want to get more thing if they are giving you a platform for doing your packages that is enough for all of you and don't think much it is enough and give your opinion and if we must give our opinion because they have given us a platform. Okay, so have a nice day. Thank you.
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  • Is sexual orientation determined at birth?
    Listen opinion12 months ago
    Maybe they do determination with a child with a birth gaiman's who has taken birth right now because according to me nowadays, they don't do any discrimination because you can see in our society what's going on? We are saying you're full and he chingaari. Hey, hey Bharat hinari cell like that brother and do you know it has been said in our Vedas in our sastras also yet on arrest the pageant element where we respect the girls. There are gentleman's means they are gentleman lives. So in my point of view, they don't reduce discrimination, and it is also possible because you can see in our society. So maybe they are doing discrimination with birth girl with a child who are born right now. Thank you.
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  • Is Ranveer the best choice to play Kapil Dev in Kabir Khan’s 83?
    Listen opinion12 months ago
    Who is there any beer? See? I don't know about that person, and maybe I am listening first time, so I can't give my opinion very well. But I had one choice who is a ranveer see and after giving my opinion. I am feeling great. Thank you. Have a nice day.
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  • A whatsapp message led to investor panic and wiped out 9,200 crore value from Infibeam stock. Whose responsibility to tackle fake news menace?
    Listen opinion12 months ago
    About this matter. I don't have any idea. So I have selected here. I don't have any idea. What's going on on Facebook WhatsApp. Do you know it is a normal thing. It were ties moment. It's a normal thing while using any application. We have to face it advertisement because whenever they gave us advisement then they get money from that particular company from a person like that so I don't have any idea about this.
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  • Humans have used chewing gum for over 5,000 years. Do you enjoy chewing gum?
    Listen opinion12 months ago
    No, I didn't enjoy doing them because in my point of view chewing gum is injurious to health because whenever you are chewing them using chewing gum and then you know chewing gum can go in your thought and that is very danger for you. You can die also because you will not able to take breath properly. You will go in hospital and maybe on the spot. If you are not getting doctor then you can die. So chewing gum is injurious to health and I hate chewing gum. Yes, I tried once or twice, but whenever I got about this knowledge, it is not good for us. Then I have left using of this and I want to tell all of you don't you chewing gum because chewing gum is not good for us, and if you are not good, then it is also dangerous for your family. So so take care of yourself and take care of your family. Thank you.
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  • Is non-violence more relevant today than ever before?
    Listen opinion12 months ago
    Today's Hot Topic is International Day of non-violence. Do you know from where it has come in our Sanskrit literature in our sastras? There is one aphorism on hints apparmor Dharma what is made of this? It's mayonnaise non-violence is Ultimate religion and nowadays. They are celebrating International Day of non-violence, but it has been celebrating by us and yet now we are celebrating this and betrothed or non-violence. But what do you want to say about them who don't trust like us like I slam a Muslim person who don't trust on this they say whenever you will kill the coffee who don't trust on Islam then you will get heaven. So what is this? So it is a of our Hinduism non-violence is Ultimate religion. Thank you.
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  • Venom likes 'Mogambo Khush Hua!', which are your favourite movie dialogues?
    Listen opinion12 months ago
    My name is Dharmendra and I have favorite dialogue of sholay movie. Basanti in example in English. He says the remainder says it wasn't easy but Shanti don't dance plant of these dark but basanti replies. No, I will dance for my year. I will dance so it is my favorite. I look of Shirley and in the surely there is one day look a real good buddy. Keep the knee admitted. It's meaningless. They all got bar. How many person were there? He replied tinta sir. That's all. Thank you. All of you.
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  • Share the funniest joke you have come across and can't stop laughing at!
    Listen opinion11 months ago
    I have one joke for sharing with all of you wonder what happened one father and son was going somewhere. You can understand they were showing going Delhi to Bombay. So in the Trends on Sat 2 father father father, I want to go in the bathroom for doing P then his father it slapped him and he said to him a funky guy a person says like that. I want to go in the bathroom. You must say I wanna sing a song and he said yes Father I wanna sing a song and he went in the bathroom. He did his work, and he came back the next day. He was living with his mother and father was not there. Then he said to mother mother mother. I wanna sing a song then my mother got angry and she replied there in the night Hoots things like that. It's a no mother. I want to sing a song then he said no then he replied no mother. I want to sing a song then her mother replied. OK you can sing a song but sing in my ears and he starts singing. So on in his ears means he has started doing their bathroom. That's all. Thank you.
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  • Do you agree with Rahul Gandhi when he says Modi is Chor?
    Listen opinion12 months ago
    No, I am not angry with puh puh. It's mean I am not agree with Rahul Gandhi. He was saying lie more these are not sure and why he will do such kind of thing. He doesn't have family. He doesn't have anyone for whom he will do such kind of thing for whom he will do anything bad. So like that, you know, it is definitely wrong and his mind is not working properly of Rahul Gandhi. He's a funky guy and in 2019, never ever. He will come back and why will he come means? I am talking about Rahul Gandhi. He will not become Prime Minister of India Al s Mahdi is in our government and in 2019 Modi will again come and Mahdi is a not a bad guy. He's a gentleman and he's a respect of India.
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  • Are Cellphones safe to use?
    Listen opinion12 months ago
    Yes, open Talk debates on call Van is not harmful it is okay. If you want to improve your English, then you will have to do debate and if you are doing your debate, then definitely your English will improve so it is not harmful. It is only useful for us and definitely your illness will improve and nothing is wrong here. It's okay.
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  • Do motivation quotes really work? Share the one which motivates you.
    Listen opinion12 months ago
    Yes motivation helps us in our life. Like I have studied one statement of China cane Sanskrit now Luke. Oh, I will get a divorce or ESC key medication emits men in English if owl can't see in the day then what is mistakes of sunlight? So like that is our life means if I have some evil is ability and you can understand which kind of Eligibility I have done. It is your fault. It is not my own fault. So such kind of statement motivates us in our life so I can say such kind of statement motivation motivate us. That's all.
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  • After Petrol, govt hikes tax on consumer appliances. Is govt. punishing citizens for global woes?
    Listen opinion12 months ago
    Yes, I am. Also feeling that our government is punishing us. Our government is giving us punishment, and it is not good for an Indian Citizen, and I am not feeling good because nowadays have prices increasing day by day, and you know, Manny thing is going on in our society, and we can't do anything because we don't have any power, but our government can control that, but our government is not controlling this as men citizens is being punished by government at it is not good. Thank you. Have a nice day.
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  • Foreign tourists visit Tamilnadu and Maharashtra the most. Is Taj Mahal’s charm dying?
    Listen opinion12 months ago
    Yes, I am agree with this. That means charm of Taj Mahal is dying nowadays because foreigners are not going there for walking for visiting plasma not they are going outside like in other states, which is beautiful, but they are not going there. You know, there is many thing like a nowadays that is dying charm of Taj Mahal is dying. And also do you know when rain acid in the Rena said that is deteriorating also so our government should we take care of that? And if our government will not take care of our plasma then one day our Taj Mahal will finish one day our Taj Mahal will destroy. Okay, so it should we take good care of our government. Thank you.
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  • Is Test match the most enjoyable format of Cricket?
    Listen opinion12 months ago
    T20 is better than test match because in the Test match we get bore only one person is throwing their you know ball and after that one person will do their only Tick-Tock Tick-Tock so we get both that is not enjoyable. So it's better in the 220 Maps we can see there are only six or Falls of my God. So T20 is better than test match and T20 is a good format for enjoy. Enjoy getting enjoyment. Thank you.
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  • Would you watch movies on Indian superheroes such as Nagraj, Dhruv, Doga & Parmanu, (Indian Marvel Universe)?
    Listen opinion12 months ago
    No, I didn't watch such kind of any movie. But I have read some Comics like a dog after mono ta'rhonda. And also there were more superheroes who were from India and these heroes are very enough men's in. Joyful. Whenever I read such kind of Commerce and I felt very good and they are superheroes of India. They are like a Iron Man of Steel Man, so they are a former, but we have our India Heroes and we must remember them like taronga Torah pull for and there was one more nawroz. Oh my God. They are amazing Heroes of India. Thank you.
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  • Recommend your favourite place to travel to the Opentalk community.
    Listen opinion12 months ago
    I have many favorite tourist destination like bagha border. Jallianwala bagh Golden Temple, you know, I have went there and that is an amazing and I liked it and also we can go in Punjab in the Punjab. There is one distinct Jalandhar District in the jaalin busy nowadays. They have made one there something. Jeonggi Azadi. That's my rock. Should we washed by us? Because that is an amazing and also you can go somewhere and if you are in the haridwar, then you must go high key party rishikesh and RAM. Jhula laxman. Jhula and more. There are many places. I can't explain everything in few vocabulary in few sentences. So thank you. I have lots of favorite tourist destination. Thank you for all of you.
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  • Are you excited over Thugs of Hindustan after watching the trailer?
    Listen opinion12 months ago
    Sorry, I love you at now. I couldn't watch that trailer of movie. So I don't know what is in that movie. But in my point of view, maybe that movie will you useful for all of us because after watching that movie we will get some knowledge about this movie. What is this? And what is used for this in our society? Thank you.
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  • Why Aishwarya Rai has been featured in 100 outstanding asians list in 2018?
    Listen opinion12 months ago
    See was outstanding in 2018. So Israel has been featured. You know, it is also good for our India. It is good for Asia. What is wrong here? If it you know, it is a very thing it is a soiree awry is a respect of our India and if C is outstanding, so nothing is bad. Everything is okay. Okay. Thank you.
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  • Do you agree with SC verdict to strikes down Section497 IPC marking Adultery as non-criminal?
    Listen opinion12 months ago
    Adultery is not good for our society because a person who is doing adultery front of our society among the people then what will happen. What are we having knowledge to them? We will also become like a adultery person. We will do all such kind of bad work. So adultery is not good for our society suppose. Your sister is there and the person is doing adultery there such kind of work, which is not good for our society then what will you do there? Will you see that and it is a good know you will punish him because that is not what that it is a punishable adultery is a bad for our society and it is a crime and such kind of person should be punished. Okay, so adultery is not worth. Thank you.
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  • ‘Atithi devo Bhav’ but India still not in top 25 tourist Destination. Can we enter top 25 in 10 years?
    Listen opinion12 months ago
    First of all, I want to inform you. What is meaning of at ET de Beauvoir. A TTD is like a god means we must behave with them like a God we must respect them and we must do worship of them. And if you will we have with them like that like a gift then they will come here and if foreigners are coming and our India and they are filling here good, then definitely India can come in the list and India can come in top 25, so India can do it. Thank you.
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  • Is Modi wave still going strong?
    Listen opinion12 months ago
    Yes, Modi wave is going strong because at Normandy is growing something good for our India. If you don't have knowledge, then you can see some videos and you can see everything here. So in my point of view in 2019, Mahdi will come back again and more they will become Prime Minister of India. Do you know what is made of that? Its main Modi is doing well and Mahdi where is going on and it will be run and no one can stop it. Okay and papa political to Rahul Gandhi. He will not become Prime Minister of India because he behaves like a children if I don't have such kind of thinking power then how can he become a prime minister of India? So Modi wave is going on. Thank you.
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  • Has Opentalk made a difference in your life?
    Listen opinion12 months ago
    Yes, my life has been changed by open talk. I am a such kind of person who is a student of Sanskrit because I am doing be Essence katanas. And after that I have utilized this application and I got level number 14 and I improved my English a lot and nowadays front of thousands of people I can speak in English. So I want to say thank you for open talk application and really it is a very useful for all of us and I have got many Improvement in my English now, I am speaking. I am giving my introduction front of all of you. It's the reason is only open talk. So open Talk of plication has changed my life and nowadays. I am a respectable person in my university in my son's key Department front of my professors. So thank you open taka plication and thank you for all group.
    Likes 2 21Report Report
  • Do you enjoy writing, reciting or listening to poetry? If yes, do share your favourite lines.
    Listen opinion12 months ago
    I like sharing my poetry on open talk. So first of all, I would like to share some sorry with all of you first. Sorry a teenager rotato, super or Educators. ET tu máscara. Were they took a second look?
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  • Would you like to watch the live streaming of court proceedings for important cases?
    Listen opinion12 months ago
    Yes, definitely. I would like to watch streaming Court proceedings in some important cases because that is useful for me because nowadays I am preparing myself for civil service exam. It's meant for UPS exam and minimum. I wanna become a professor. So if I have knowledge what's going on in our court, then I can give my opinion and it is useful and I can debate about such kind of topic with my friends. So it is good. So we must know about such kind of matter and we must watch what's going on in our court and you know, if our judges are doing something bad, then we can speak on the stove him because we have right. So in the last I would like to say I am agree with this streaming Court proceedings. Should we watched by us? Thank you.
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