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Oh, hello there. I'm Siddharth and I'm from Mumbai and I'm currently doing. BCIT in my final year. I know few of languages like Java C++ and others and my hobbies are sketching drawing and listening music obviously, and there are other Hobbies also, we'll talk about it later. And I love traveling. I love to explore new world. I love to know other people's other cultures other languages. and I hope we'll have a great talk whenever we talk. Thank you.

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Mumbai University
Mumbai, India
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Information Technology Engineering
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Bachelor’s degree
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My Opinions

  • Share your favourite cartoon character and how they impacted our childhood!
    Listen opinionabout a year ago
    Hey, happy birthday Mickey Mouse. So I like that is very much. I do like an hour. I watched cartoons with time. One of my favorite cartoon is Cindy Chan and Doraemon and miss them. and yes, all of them makes me laugh and Fun love China so much fun. What kind of parrot was that was such a great idea. Thank you, and I'll thank you Mickey Mouse and other. Are the cartoons for making a childhood happy? Thanks.
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  • Google AI detects advanced breast cancer with 99% accuracy. Will AI replaces Doctors much sooner than expected?
    Listen opinionabout a year ago
    I can never replace humans as we are the only one who created Artificial Intelligence and other machineries but what faith can do it can just reduce the human works like it can reduce the Doctors work as you know as early as possible so that its the doctor gave the work of doctor can be reduced so much so that they can focus on their main main program for me in area which they want to operation
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  • #MeToo moment goes beyond Bollywood - Harassment in Business & politics coming out
    Listen opinionabout a year ago
    Me to movement is really a bullshit for a Bollywood industry because nobody is there to take a stand on what is happening currently in the Bollywood because you all know that all the big stars like Amitabh Bachchan Akshay Kumar another Stars. They don't come and like if if You observe Amitabh Bachchan during the promotional events of talks of Hindustan, then he reporter asked him about this incidence. Then he said that I am neither a ton of Siddhartha nor in the support of nanoparticles. So that's how you can easily understand that all the Bollywood industry is kind of a dark side. which really means that nobody is there for the
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  • Venom likes 'Mogambo Khush Hua!', which are your favourite movie dialogues?
    Listen opinionabout a year ago
    Okay, so there's a dialogue from movie Goldman 3 if you know the if you saw that movie, when was solely by a black good guy, he came for the velocity and then this race that party is going to give the mobile number and then he replied that original the car Vibe because weapon.
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  • Are these big sales beneficial or just lead to wasteful products & spending?
    Listen opinionabout a year ago
    Actually totally depends on how you think if for if you want to buy something then you wait for that particular sale, obviously and if you don't want to buy then you will see that all these are bullshit they are making full and they are just you know, they are providing us all the Vestige that if if they provide a good scene on awesome particular product, then we'll think that okay. So this product was not you know was not was not that good. So that's why they are they are giving us an offer to buy and just, you know clear their stocks.
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