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"abandon" Meaning in English

1. the trait of lacking restraint or control
Part of speech : noun
2. a feeling of extreme emotional intensity
Part of speech : noun
Example : He sings and sways with total abandon
3. to stop maintaining or insisting on
Part of speech : verb
Example : I abandoned my holiday plans when it was clear no-one was interested.
4. to leave someone who needs or counts on you
Part of speech : verb
Example : They abandoned me when things got tough.
5. to leave behind empty
Part of speech : verb
Example : You should abandon the place. We were sinking fast, and the captain gave the order to abandon ship.
6. to give up with the intent of never claiming again
Part of speech : verb
Example : I abandoned the project in my hand due to disagreements with the client.

Translation for "abandon"

abandon meaning in Spanish : abandonar
  • abandon meaning in German : verlassen
  • abandon meaning in Japanese : 放棄する
  • abandon meaning in Turkish : terketmek
  • abandon meaning in Chinese : 放弃
  • abandon meaning in Arabic : تخلى
  • abandon meaning in Polish : porzucić
  • abandon meaning in Hindi : छोड़ देना
  • abandon meaning in French : abandonner
  • abandon meaning in Russian : отказаться от
  • abandon meaning in Tamil : கைவிட
  • abandon meaning in Telugu : పరిత్యజించిన
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