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"analyze" Meaning in English

1. to subject to psychoanalytic treatment
Part of speech : verb
Example : I was analyzed in Vienna by a famous psychiatrist.
2. to make a mathematical, chemical, or grammatical analysis of
Part of speech : verb
Example : They analyzed the text for errors.
3. to consider in detail and subject to an analysis in order to discover essential features or meaning
Part of speech : verb
Example : You should analyze a sonnet by Shakespeare.
4. to break down into components or essential features
Part of speech : verb
Example : I analyze today's financial market for the local paper.

Translation for "analyze"

analyze meaning in Spanish : analizar
  • analyze meaning in German : analysieren
  • analyze meaning in Japanese : 分析する
  • analyze meaning in Turkish : çözümlemek
  • analyze meaning in Chinese : 分析
  • analyze meaning in Arabic : تحليل
  • analyze meaning in Polish : analizować
  • analyze meaning in Hindi : विश्लेषण
  • analyze meaning in French : analyser
  • analyze meaning in Russian : анализировать
  • analyze meaning in Tamil : ஆய்வு
  • analyze meaning in Telugu : విశ్లేషించడానికి
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