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"application" Meaning in English

1. the work of applying something
Part of speech : noun
Example : the doctor prescribed a topical application of iodine
2. a program that gives a computer instructions that provide the user with tools to accomplish a task
Part of speech : noun
Example : I've tried several different word processing applications.
3. a diligent effort
Part of speech : noun
Example : it is a job requiring serious application
4. the act of bringing something to bear
Part of speech : noun
5. liquid preparation having a soothing or antiseptic or medicinal action when applied to the skin
Part of speech : noun
6. the action of putting something into operation
Part of speech : noun
Example : the application of maximum thrust
7. a verbal or written request for assistance or employment or admission to a school
Part of speech : noun
Example : December 31 is the deadline for applications

Translation for "application"

application meaning in Spanish : solicitud
  • application meaning in German : Anwendung
  • application meaning in Japanese : 応用
  • application meaning in Turkish : uygulama
  • application meaning in Chinese : 应用
  • application meaning in Arabic : الوضعية
  • application meaning in Polish : podanie
  • application meaning in Hindi : आवेदन
  • application meaning in French : application
  • application meaning in Russian : приложение
  • application meaning in Tamil : விண்ணப்ப
  • application meaning in Telugu : అప్లికేషన్
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