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"assure" Meaning in English

1. to make a promise or commitment
Part of speech : verb
Example : They assured me they would be at the meeting.
2. to inform positively and with certainty and confidence
Part of speech : verb
Example : I assure you that I am quite alright.
3. to cause to feel sure
Part of speech : verb
Example : My friends assured me that I did everything I could to avoid trouble.
4. to tell somebody the truth of something with the intention of giving the listener confidence
Part of speech : verb
Example : I assured them that traveling to Cambodia was safe.

Translation for "assure"

assure meaning in Spanish : asegurar
  • assure meaning in German : versichern
  • assure meaning in Japanese : 保証する
  • assure meaning in Turkish : sağlamak
  • assure meaning in Chinese : 保证
  • assure meaning in Arabic : ضمان
  • assure meaning in Polish : gwarantować
  • assure meaning in Hindi : आश्वासन
  • assure meaning in French : assurer
  • assure meaning in Russian : уверять
  • assure meaning in Tamil : உறுதி
  • assure meaning in Telugu : భరోసా
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