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"car" Meaning in English

1. a motor vehicle with four wheels
Part of speech : noun
2. a wheeled vehicle adapted to the rails of railroad
Part of speech : noun
Example : three cars had jumped the rails
3. a conveyance for passengers or freight on a cable railway
Part of speech : noun
Example : they took a cable car to the top of the mountain
4. where passengers ride up and down
Part of speech : noun
Example : the car was on the top floor
5. the compartment that is suspended from an airship and that carries personnel and the cargo and the power plant
Part of speech : noun

Translation for "car"

car meaning in Spanish : coche
  • car meaning in German : Auto
  • car meaning in Japanese : 車
  • car meaning in Turkish : araba
  • car meaning in Chinese : 汽车
  • car meaning in Arabic : سيارة
  • car meaning in Polish : samochód
  • car meaning in Hindi : गाड़ी
  • car meaning in French : voiture
  • car meaning in Russian : автомобиль
  • car meaning in Tamil : கார்
  • car meaning in Telugu : కారు
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