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"coach" Meaning in English

1. a carriage pulled by four horses with one driver
Part of speech : noun
2. a person who gives private instruction (as in singing, acting, etc.)
Part of speech : noun
3. (sports) someone in charge of training an athlete or a team
Part of speech : noun
4. a vehicle carrying many passengers
Part of speech : noun
5. a railcar where passengers ride
Part of speech : noun
6. to teach and supervise someone
Part of speech : verb
Example : act as a trainer or coach (to), as in sports
7. to drive a coach
Part of speech : verb

Translation for "coach"

coach meaning in Spanish : entrenador
  • coach meaning in German : Trainer
  • coach meaning in Japanese : コーチ
  • coach meaning in Turkish : Koç
  • coach meaning in Chinese : 教练
  • coach meaning in Arabic : مدرب حافلة ركاب
  • coach meaning in Polish : trener
  • coach meaning in Hindi : कोच
  • coach meaning in French : entraîneur
  • coach meaning in Russian : тренер
  • coach meaning in Tamil : பயிற்சியாளர்
  • coach meaning in Telugu : రైలు పెట్టె
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