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"dance" Meaning in English

1. move in a pattern
Part of speech : verb
2. taking a series of rhythmical steps and movements in time to music
Part of speech : noun
Example : Anyone can learn this dance in 30 minutes.
3. an artistic form of nonverbal communication
Part of speech : noun
4. a party for social dancing
Part of speech : noun
5. a party of people assembled for dancing
Part of speech : noun
6. move in a graceful and rhythmical way
Part of speech : verb
Example : I danced into the room.
7. skip, leap, or move up and down or sideways
Part of speech : verb

Translation for "dance"

dance meaning in Spanish : danza
  • dance meaning in German : tanzen
  • dance meaning in Japanese : ダンス
  • dance meaning in Turkish : dans
  • dance meaning in Chinese : 舞蹈
  • dance meaning in Arabic : رقص
  • dance meaning in Polish : taniec
  • dance meaning in Hindi : नृत्य
  • dance meaning in French : Danse
  • dance meaning in Russian : танец
  • dance meaning in Tamil : நடனம்
  • dance meaning in Telugu : నృత్య
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