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"due" Meaning in English

1. capable of being assigned or credited to
Part of speech : adjective
2. directly or exactly
Part of speech : adverb
3. owed and payable immediately or on demand
Part of speech : adjective
Example : payment is due
4. suitable to or expected in the circumstances
Part of speech : adjective
Example : all due respect
5. that which is deserved or owed
Part of speech : noun
Example : Give me your financial dues.
6. a payment that is due, such as the price of membership
Part of speech : noun
Example : The society dropped me for non-payment of dues.
7. scheduled to arrive
Part of speech : adjective

Translation for "due"

due meaning in Spanish : debido
  • due meaning in German : fällig
  • due meaning in Japanese : 当然
  • due meaning in Turkish : nedeniyle
  • due meaning in Chinese : 应有
  • due meaning in Arabic : بسبب
  • due meaning in Polish : z powodu
  • due meaning in Hindi : देय
  • due meaning in French : dû
  • due meaning in Russian : в связи
  • due meaning in Tamil : காரணமாக
  • due meaning in Telugu : కారణంగా
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