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"embrace" Meaning in English

1. take up the cause, ideology, practice, method, of someone and use it as one's own
Part of speech : verb
Example : I embraced the tenets of socialism.
2. squeeze (someone) tightly in your arms, usually with fondness
Part of speech : verb
3. include in scope
Part of speech : verb
4. the act of clasping another person in the arms (as in greeting or affection)
Part of speech : noun
5. a close affectionate and protective acceptance
Part of speech : noun
Example : Your willing embrace of new ideas is an asset to this company.
6. the state of taking in or encircling
Part of speech : noun
Example : an island in the embrace of the sea

Translation for "embrace"

embrace meaning in Spanish : abrazo
  • embrace meaning in German : Umarmung
  • embrace meaning in Japanese : 擁する
  • embrace meaning in Turkish : kucaklamak
  • embrace meaning in Chinese : 拥抱
  • embrace meaning in Arabic : تعانق
  • embrace meaning in Polish : uścisk
  • embrace meaning in Hindi : आलिंगन
  • embrace meaning in French : embrasse
  • embrace meaning in Russian : охватывать
  • embrace meaning in Tamil : தழுவி
  • embrace meaning in Telugu : ఆలింగనం
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