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"entree" Meaning in English

1. the right to enter
Part of speech : noun
Example : Our diplomatic passports were our entree into high society.
2. the act of entering
Part of speech : noun
Example : I made a graceful entree into the ballroom.
3. something that provides access to get in or get out
Part of speech : noun
Example : We used a hidden door when we needed unobserved entree into the library.
4. the principal dish of a meal, in American English
Part of speech : noun
Example : After passing on the appetizer course, we dug into our entrees.
5. A dish served before the main course, outside of North America. Note that American English uses the same word to refer to the main dish.
Part of speech : noun
Example : After stuffing ourselves on entrees, we couldn't eat another bite when the main dish was served.

Translation for "entree"

entree meaning in Spanish : entrada
  • entree meaning in German : Hauptgericht
  • entree meaning in Russian : основное блюдо
  • entree meaning in Portuguese : entrada
  • entree meaning in Chinese : 主菜
  • entree meaning in Japanese : 入り口
  • entree meaning in Tamil : விருந்தின்
  • entree meaning in Arabic : دخول
  • entree meaning in Turkish : antre
  • entree meaning in Hindi : दखल
  • entree meaning in Telugu : entree
  • entree meaning in French : entrée
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