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"inclination" Meaning in English

1. the property possessed by a line or surface that departs from the vertical
Part of speech : noun
2. (physics) the angle that a magnetic needle makes with the plane of the horizon
Part of speech : noun
3. the act of inclining
Part of speech : noun
4. a characteristic likelihood of or natural disposition toward a certain condition or character or effect
Part of speech : noun
Example : the alkaline inclination of the local waters
5. an attitude of mind especially one that favors one alternative over others
Part of speech : noun
Example : I have an inclination to give up too easily.
6. (geometry) the angle formed by the x-axis and a given line (measured counterclockwise from the positive half of the x-axis)
Part of speech : noun
7. (astronomy) the angle between the plane of the orbit and the plane of the ecliptic stated in degrees
Part of speech : noun
8. that toward which one is inclined to feel a liking
Part of speech : noun
Example : The music teacher's inclination is for classical music.

Translation for "inclination"

inclination meaning in Spanish : inclinación
  • inclination meaning in German : Neigung
  • inclination meaning in Russian : наклонение
  • inclination meaning in Portuguese : inclinação
  • inclination meaning in Chinese : 倾角
  • inclination meaning in Japanese : 傾斜
  • inclination meaning in Tamil : சாய்வு
  • inclination meaning in Arabic : ميل
  • inclination meaning in Turkish : eğim
  • inclination meaning in Hindi : झुकाव
  • inclination meaning in Telugu : వొంపు
  • inclination meaning in French : inclination
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