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"insight" Meaning in English

1. the clear (and often sudden) understanding of a complex situation
Part of speech : noun
2. grasping the inner nature of things intuitively
Part of speech : noun
3. clear or deep perception of a situation
Part of speech : noun
4. a feeling of understanding
Part of speech : noun

Translation for "insight"

insight meaning in Spanish : visión
  • insight meaning in German : Einblick
  • insight meaning in Japanese : 洞察
  • insight meaning in Turkish : Içgörü
  • insight meaning in Chinese : 眼光
  • insight meaning in Arabic : تبصر
  • insight meaning in Polish : wgląd
  • insight meaning in Hindi : अंतर्दृष्टि
  • insight meaning in French : perspicacité
  • insight meaning in Russian : в поле зрения
  • insight meaning in Tamil : நுண்ணறிவால்
  • insight meaning in Telugu : అంతర్దృష్టి
  • Examples containing "insight"

    • It was an interesting article, full of fascinating insights into human behaviour.

    • I enjoy art, architecture, museums, churches and temples; anything that gives me insight into the history and soul of the place I'm in. I can also be a beach bum - I like to laze in the shade of a palm tree with a good book or float in a warm sea at sundown. - Cherie Lunghi

    • The book offers an insight into the everyday lives of millions of ordinary Japanese citizens.

    • Her research offers a completely new insight into the evolution of human race.

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