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"merely" Meaning in English

1. and nothing more
Part of speech : adverb
Example : I was merely asking

Translation for "merely"

merely meaning in Spanish : simplemente
  • merely meaning in German : nur
  • merely meaning in Japanese : 単に
  • merely meaning in Turkish : sadece
  • merely meaning in Chinese : 仅仅
  • merely meaning in Arabic : مجرد
  • merely meaning in Polish : jedynie
  • merely meaning in Hindi : केवल
  • merely meaning in French : seulement
  • merely meaning in Russian : просто
  • merely meaning in Tamil : வெறுமனே
  • merely meaning in Telugu : కేవలం
  • Examples containing "merely"

    • She was merely exercising her rights of staying silent.

    • He wasn't complaining, he merely said that he was exhausted.

    • The leaders's speech had merely fogged the issue.

    • She didn't said a word - she merely smiled that insinuating smile.

    • She called the new building design unoriginal and said that it merely copied the ancient traditions.

    • Of her origins she did not say much, merely mentioning that her background was humble.

    • Patriarchy has not disappeared - it has merely changed form.

    • This medicine won't cure her - it merely reduces the pain.

    • These words don't have any meaning and are merely decorative.

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