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"plump" Meaning in English

1. make fat or plump
Part of speech : verb
Example : We will plump out that poor starving child
2. sufficiently fat so as to have a pleasing fullness of figure
Part of speech : adjective
3. give support (to) or make a choice (of) one out of a group or number
Part of speech : verb
Example : I plumped for the losing candidates
4. set (something or oneself) down with or as if with a noise
Part of speech : verb
5. drop sharply
Part of speech : verb
6. straight down especially heavily or abruptly
Part of speech : adverb
Example : the anchor fell plump into the sea
7. the sound of a sudden heavy fall
Part of speech : noun

Translation for "plump"

plump meaning in Spanish : rechoncho
  • plump meaning in German : rundlich
  • plump meaning in Russian : полнеть
  • plump meaning in Portuguese : gordo
  • plump meaning in Chinese : 丰满
  • plump meaning in Japanese : ふっくら
  • plump meaning in Tamil : குண்டாகவும்
  • plump meaning in Arabic : سقط بقوة
  • plump meaning in Turkish : Tombul
  • plump meaning in Hindi : मोटा
  • plump meaning in Telugu : బొద్దుగా
  • plump meaning in French : dodu
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