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"region" Meaning in English

1. a part of an animal that has a special function or is supplied by a given artery or nerve
Part of speech : noun
Example : in the abdominal region
2. a knowledge domain that you are interested in or are communicating about
Part of speech : noun
3. the extended spatial location of something
Part of speech : noun
Example : the farming regions of France
4. the approximate amount of something (usually used prepositionally as in `in the region of')
Part of speech : noun
Example : it was going to take in the region of two or three months to finish the job
5. a large indefinite location on the surface of the Earth
Part of speech : noun
Example : penguins inhabit the polar regions

Translation for "region"

region meaning in Spanish : región
  • region meaning in German : Region
  • region meaning in Japanese : 領域
  • region meaning in Turkish : bölge
  • region meaning in Chinese : 区域
  • region meaning in Arabic : منطقة
  • region meaning in Polish : region
  • region meaning in Hindi : क्षेत्र
  • region meaning in French : Région
  • region meaning in Russian : область, край
  • region meaning in Tamil : பிராந்தியம்
  • region meaning in Telugu : ప్రాంతం
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