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"reject" Meaning in English

1. reject with contempt
Part of speech : verb
2. dismiss from consideration or a contest
Part of speech : verb
3. refuse entrance or membership
Part of speech : verb
4. resist immunologically the introduction of some foreign tissue or organ
Part of speech : verb
Example : The patient's body rejected the liver of the donor.
5. the person or thing that is rejected or set aside as inferior in quality
Part of speech : noun
6. deem wrong or inappropriate
Part of speech : verb
7. refuse to accept
Part of speech : verb
8. refuse to accept or acknowledge
Part of speech : verb
Example : I reject the idea of starting a war

Translation for "reject"

reject meaning in Spanish : rechazar
  • reject meaning in German : ablehnen
  • reject meaning in Japanese : 拒否する
  • reject meaning in Turkish : reddetmek
  • reject meaning in Chinese : 拒绝
  • reject meaning in Arabic : رفض
  • reject meaning in Polish : odrzucać
  • reject meaning in Hindi : अस्वीकार
  • reject meaning in French : rejeter
  • reject meaning in Russian : отклонять
  • reject meaning in Tamil : நிராகரிக்க
  • reject meaning in Telugu : తిరస్కరించడానికి
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