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"solo" Meaning in English

1. without anybody else or anything else
Part of speech : adverb
2. composed or performed by a single voice or instrument
Part of speech : adjective
Example : a passage for solo clarinet
3. a flight in which the aircraft pilot is unaccompanied
Part of speech : noun
4. any activity that is performed alone without assistance
Part of speech : noun
5. a musical composition for one voice or instrument (with or without accompaniment)
Part of speech : noun
6. perform a piece written for a single instrument
Part of speech : verb
7. fly alone, without a co-pilot or passengers
Part of speech : verb

Translation for "solo"

solo meaning in Spanish : solo
  • solo meaning in German : Solo
  • solo meaning in Russian : соло
  • solo meaning in Portuguese : solo
  • solo meaning in Chinese : 独奏
  • solo meaning in Japanese : ソロ
  • solo meaning in Tamil : தனி
  • solo meaning in Arabic : منفرد
  • solo meaning in Turkish : solo
  • solo meaning in Hindi : एकल
  • solo meaning in Telugu : సోలో
  • solo meaning in French : solo
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