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"tension" Meaning in English

1. the physical condition of being stretched or strained
Part of speech : noun
Example : it places great tension on the leg muscles
2. in psychology, a state of mental or emotional strain or suspense
Part of speech : noun
Example : We suffered from fatigue and emotional tension.
3. feelings of hostility that are not manifest
Part of speech : noun
4. the action of stretching something tight
Part of speech : noun
Example : tension holds the belt in the pulleys
5. in physics, a stress that produces an elongation of an elastic physical body
Part of speech : noun
Example : The direction of maximum tension moves asymptotically toward the direction of the shear.
6. a balance between and interplay of opposing elements or tendencies, especially in art or literature
Part of speech : noun
Example : There is a tension created between narrative time and movie time.

Translation for "tension"

tension meaning in Spanish : tensión
  • tension meaning in German : Spannung
  • tension meaning in Japanese : テンション
  • tension meaning in Turkish : gerginlik
  • tension meaning in Chinese : 张力
  • tension meaning in Arabic : توتر
  • tension meaning in Polish : napięcie
  • tension meaning in Hindi : तनाव
  • tension meaning in French : tension
  • tension meaning in Russian : напряженность
  • tension meaning in Tamil : பதற்றம்
  • tension meaning in Telugu : ఉద్రిక్తత
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