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"ticket" Meaning in English

1. the appropriate or desirable thing
Part of speech : noun
Example : this car could be just the ticket for a small family
2. a list of candidates nominated by a political party to run for election to public offices
Part of speech : noun
3. a label written or printed on paper, cardboard, or plastic that is attached to something to indicate its owner, nature, price, etc.
Part of speech : noun
4. issue a ticket or a fine to as a penalty
Part of speech : verb
5. a commercial document showing that the holder is entitled to something (as to ride on public transportation or to enter a public entertainment)
Part of speech : noun
6. a summons issued to an offender (especially to someone who violates a traffic regulation)
Part of speech : noun
7. provide with a ticket for passage or admission
Part of speech : verb

Translation for "ticket"

ticket meaning in Spanish : boleto
  • ticket meaning in German : Fahrkarte
  • ticket meaning in Japanese : チケット
  • ticket meaning in Turkish : bilet
  • ticket meaning in Chinese : 票
  • ticket meaning in Arabic : تذكرة
  • ticket meaning in Polish : bilet
  • ticket meaning in Hindi : टिकट
  • ticket meaning in French : billet
  • ticket meaning in Russian : билет
  • ticket meaning in Tamil : டிக்கெட்
  • ticket meaning in Telugu : టికెట్
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