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"trail" Meaning in English

1. to lag or linger behind
Part of speech : verb
2. evidence pointing to a possible solution
Part of speech : noun
3. drag loosely along a surface
Part of speech : verb
4. go after with the intent to catch
Part of speech : verb
5. move, proceed, or walk draggingly or slowly
Part of speech : verb
Example : They trailed behind their class mates.
6. a path or track roughly blazed through wild or hilly country
Part of speech : noun
7. a track or mark left by something that has passed
Part of speech : noun
Example : there as a trail of blood
8. hang down so as to drag along the ground
Part of speech : verb
Example : The bride's veiled trailed along the ground

Translation for "trail"

trail meaning in Spanish : sendero
  • trail meaning in German : Weg
  • trail meaning in Japanese : トレイル
  • trail meaning in Turkish : iz
  • trail meaning in Chinese : 落后
  • trail meaning in Arabic : ممر المشاة
  • trail meaning in Polish : szlak
  • trail meaning in Hindi : निशान
  • trail meaning in French : Piste
  • trail meaning in Russian : след
  • trail meaning in Tamil : பாதை
  • trail meaning in Telugu : కాలిబాట
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