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"trial" Meaning in English

1. the act of testing something
Part of speech : noun
Example : in the experimental trials the amount of carbon was measured separately
2. the act of undergoing testing
Part of speech : noun
3. trying something to find out about it
Part of speech : noun
Example : a sample for ten days free trial
4. an annoying or frustrating or catastrophic event
Part of speech : noun
Example : Long speeches can be a great trial.
5. the determination of a person's innocence or guilt by due process of law
Part of speech : noun
Example : The defendant had a fair trial and the jury found them guilty.
6. (sports) a preliminary competition to determine qualifications
Part of speech : noun
Example : the trials for the semifinals began yesterday

Translation for "trial"

trial meaning in Spanish : juicio
  • trial meaning in German : Versuch
  • trial meaning in Japanese : 裁判
  • trial meaning in Turkish : Deneme
  • trial meaning in Chinese : 审讯
  • trial meaning in Arabic : التجربة
  • trial meaning in Polish : próba
  • trial meaning in Hindi : परीक्षण
  • trial meaning in French : procès
  • trial meaning in Russian : пробный
  • trial meaning in Tamil : விசாரணை
  • trial meaning in Telugu : విచారణ
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