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"universal" Meaning in English

1. of worldwide scope or applicability
Part of speech : adjective
2. coupling that connects two rotating shafts allowing freedom of movement in all directions
Part of speech : noun
Example : in motor vehicles a universal joint allows the driveshaft to move up and down as the vehicle passes over bumps
3. (logic) a proposition that asserts something of all members of a class
Part of speech : noun
4. (linguistics) a grammatical rule (or other linguistic feature) that is found in all languages
Part of speech : noun
5. adapted to various purposes, sizes, forms, operations
Part of speech : adjective
Example : universal wrench, universal chuck
6. applicable to or common to all members of a group or set
Part of speech : adjective
Example : the play opened to universal acclaim
7. a behavioral convention or pattern characteristic of all members of a particular culture or of all human beings
Part of speech : noun
Example : some form of religion seems to be a human universal

Translation for "universal"

universal meaning in Spanish : universal
  • universal meaning in German : Universal-
  • universal meaning in Japanese : ユニバーサル
  • universal meaning in Turkish : evrensel
  • universal meaning in Chinese : 普遍
  • universal meaning in Arabic : عالمي
  • universal meaning in Polish : uniwersalny
  • universal meaning in Hindi : सार्वभौमिक
  • universal meaning in French : universel
  • universal meaning in Russian : универсальный
  • universal meaning in Tamil : உலகளாவிய
  • universal meaning in Telugu : సార్వత్రిక
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