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"utility" Meaning in English

1. a company that performs a public service
Part of speech : noun
2. (computer science) a program designed for general support of the processes of a computer
Part of speech : noun
Example : a computer system provides utility programs to perform the tasks needed by most users
3. the quality of being of practical use
Part of speech : noun
4. capable of substituting in any of several positions on a team
Part of speech : adjective
5. used of beef
Part of speech : adjective
6. the service (electric power or water or transportation) provided by a public utility
Part of speech : noun
7. a facility composed of one or more pieces of equipment connected to or part of a structure and designed to provide a service such as heat or electricity or water or sewage disposal
Part of speech : noun
8. (economics) a measure that is to be maximized in any situation involving choice
Part of speech : noun

Translation for "utility"

utility meaning in Spanish : utilidad
  • utility meaning in German : Nützlichkeit
  • utility meaning in Japanese : 効用
  • utility meaning in Turkish : Yarar
  • utility meaning in Chinese : 效用
  • utility meaning in Arabic : خدمة
  • utility meaning in Polish : użyteczność
  • utility meaning in Hindi : उपयोगिता
  • utility meaning in French : utilitaire
  • utility meaning in Russian : полезность
  • utility meaning in Tamil : பயன்பாடு
  • utility meaning in Telugu : వినియోగ
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