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"vary" Meaning in English

1. to become different in some particular way, without permanently losing one's or its former characteristics or essence
Part of speech : verb
Example : The star footballer's performance varies, but they are always top class.
2. to make something more diverse and varied
Part of speech : verb
Example : We varied our responses so they did not sound scripted.
3. to be at variance with
Part of speech : verb
Example : The politician's statements vary drastically from what they said before.
4. to be subject to change in accordance with a variable
Part of speech : verb
Example : Lobster prices vary according to market conditions.

Translation for "vary"

vary meaning in Spanish : variar
  • vary meaning in German : variieren
  • vary meaning in Japanese : 変わる
  • vary meaning in Turkish : farklılık göstermek
  • vary meaning in Chinese : 变化
  • vary meaning in Arabic : تختلف
  • vary meaning in Polish : różnią się
  • vary meaning in Hindi : अलग-अलग
  • vary meaning in French : varier
  • vary meaning in Russian : варьировать
  • vary meaning in Tamil : மாறுபடும்
  • vary meaning in Telugu : మారుతూ
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