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"window" Meaning in English

1. a pane of glass in a window
Part of speech : noun
Example : the ball shattered the window
2. a framework of wood or metal that contains a glass windowpane and is built into a wall or roof to admit light or air
Part of speech : noun
3. a transparent opening in a vehicle that allow vision out of the sides or back
Part of speech : noun
4. a transparent panel (as of an envelope) inserted in an otherwise opaque material
Part of speech : noun
5. (computer science) a rectangular part of a computer screen that contains a display different from the rest of the screen
Part of speech : noun
6. an opening in a wall or screen that admits light and air and through which customers can be served
Part of speech : noun
Example : The cashier took the money through the window.
7. an opening that resembles a window in appearance or function
Part of speech : noun
Example : We could see them through a window in the trees.
8. the time period that is considered best for starting or finishing something
Part of speech : noun
Example : the expanded window will give us time to catch the thieves

Translation for "window"

window meaning in Spanish : ventana
  • window meaning in German : Fenster
  • window meaning in Japanese : 窓
  • window meaning in Turkish : pencere
  • window meaning in Chinese : 窗口
  • window meaning in Arabic : نافذة او شباك
  • window meaning in Polish : okno
  • window meaning in Hindi : खिड़की
  • window meaning in French : la fenêtre
  • window meaning in Russian : окно
  • window meaning in Tamil : ஜன்னல்
  • window meaning in Telugu : కిటికీ
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